About the Journal

The Brown Journal of World Affairs is a nonprofit, semiannual publication produced at the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University. Because world affairs are your affairs.

BJWA responds to the need for a clear, incisive, and dynamic examination of contemporary international issues. The Journal provides a forum for world leaders, policymakers, and prominent academics to engage in vigorous debate of intellectual breadth and vibrancy that bridges the gap between academic discourse and mainstream media. Each issue of the Journal features several thematic sections in which myriad perspectives are presented about the salient international issues of today and the emerging global problems of tomorrow.

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Reva Dhingra
Max Ernst

Managing Editors
Sumner Becker
Lorenzo Moretti

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Jaclyn Katz
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Sabin Ray
Neha Singh

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Nadia Saeed
Neil Singh
Sandra Yan

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Christopher Moynihan

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Kimberley Charles
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Wenli Shao

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Kathy Nguyen
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J. Peter Scoblic
Spyros Demetriou
Andrew B. Loewenstein
Michael J. Hsu
Tarek E. Masoud
Douglas McGray
Jeffrey W. Dillon
Jennifer Schwartzman
Jaideep Singh
Daniel Widome
Andrew Horesh
Keith Stanski
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Barron Youngsmith
Jillian Moo-Young
Katherine Reisner
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Craig Kennedy
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Anagha Prasad
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Anthony Badami
Melanie Garaunay
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Mustafa Safdar

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Peter Andreas
Keith Brown
Melani Cammett
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Abbott Gleason
Vartan Gregorian
Artemis A.W. Joukowsky
Norman Pearlstine
Barbara Stallings
Nina Tannenwald